Extra 2K Wireless Security Cameras 4 Pack with Solar Charging Panels | SRNVW-600CMBWB4S2 Extra 2K Wireless Security Cameras 4 Pack with Solar Ch...


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Extra 2K Wireless Security Cameras 4 Pack with Solar Charging Panels | SRNVW-600CMBWB4S2

Always Charged, Always Secure
Add these amazing 2K HD Security Cameras to your Wi-Fi NVR system to actively watch over your property in stunning detail, indoors or outdoors. With powerful Night2Day color night vision and True Detect heat and motion detection, your security system will be more reliable with fewer false alarms. Plus, you’ll always have a presence at your property with 2-way audio.  The cameras feature long-lasting rechargeable batteries with Solar Charging Panels, spotlights, sirens, 2-way talk and more.


MSRP: $799.99
38% OFF
Camera Series:
Resolution Feature Video:
Explore the AllSecure650 Wi-Fi NVR Security System
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Learn more about the key features and how to set up this system that’s always charged, always secure.
Always Charged, Always Secure
Recording Resolution:
Complete Peace of Mind
Product Group:
Camera Security Lights:
IP Rating:
Connection Type:
Network Cable
Night Vision Distance:
Facial Recognition:
Camera Resolution:
No. Cameras:
4 Cameras
Smartphone App:
Swann Security App
Viewing Angle:
Camera Audio:
2 Way
Voice Assistant:
Amazon Alexa,Google Assistant
Camera Pan Tilt:
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Complete Peace of Mind

  • Add to your Swann Wi-Fi NVR
    Works with NVW-600 & NVW-800 Wi-Fi NVRs for greater security
  • Prevent Crime
    Controllable spotlights & sirens help deter intruders
  • 2K HD Video^
    See what's happening with 2K video
  • True Detect™
    Heat & motion-sensing for more reliable alerts
  • Talk & Listen
    2-way audio to greet guests or warn intruders
  • Weatherproof
    Cameras work in rain & snow, all year round
  • Night2Day™ Color Night Vision
    Powerful color night vision up to 32'/10m with the spotlight
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Use the sun's rays, no need to plug in to power
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Stay Connected

SwannNet™ ensures you have the strongest available Wi-Fi connection for each camera from the Power Hub or your internet router.

Peace of Mind

The screw-on mount and permanent wall installation with screws makes it much harder for anyone to get their hands on the camera.

Reduce your Electricity Bills

Mount the Solar Panel outdoors and forget about recharging the camera ever again. Just set and forget.

Turn Night Into Day

Controllable spotlights ensure you can see people, objects & activity in color at any hour.

See What’s Happening

2K video gives you richer image quality with intelligent person detection & True Detect™ to identify important details.
  • See Even More!

    See Even More!

    2K resolution gives you richer images you can zoom in to capture essential evidence with 50% more pixels than 1080p cameras.
  • The Power of the Sun

    The Power of the Sun

    Ditch the ladder. Our adjustable Solar Charging Panels with long 16ft/5m cables let you forget about having to recharge the cameras ever again. They also comes with bonus screw-in Outdoor Mou
  • SwannNet™ Wi-Fi Connection

    SwannNet™ Wi-Fi Connection

    Always enjoy the strongest available Wi-Fi connection. SwannNet™ allows you to select whether each camera connects to the internet via the NVR or your internet router.
  • See Color at Night

    See Color at Night

    Get color video at night up to 32ft (10m) with the lights on & even longer, up to 100ft (30m), in black & white during total darkness.
  • More Reliable Security

    More Reliable Security

    With Swann's True Detect, warm objects like people & cars can trigger the lights, siren, push notifications & recording with fewer false alarms to worry about.
  • Your Eyes Outside

    Your Eyes Outside

    Mount the cameras outdoors as their weatherproof design is IP66 rated, meaning they are built to withstand rain, snow & heat, all year round.
  • One App, Complete Security

    One App, Complete Security

    Expand your security by adding Wi-Fi cameras, doorbell, siren & Alert sensors to your surveillance systems & manage everything within the Swann Security app. It’s security made smarter.
  • Good for Business & Home

    Good for Business & Home

    This system is designed to protect, & prevent crime at, small businesses & large homes. Position the cameras to watch over entrances, yards, driveways, parking lots, shop floors, & more.

Swann Security App

Security in the palm of your hands
  • Multi-camera live streaming that’s always on
  • Receive alerts when activity is detected
  • See, store & playback footage on your mobile device
  • Set up your devices & add services with ease

Become a Swann Member for More Security

Now you can become a member of Swann’s Secure+ Member plans for a host of extra security benefits including 3 years extended warranty, insurance coverage, special offers & more.


‘Refurbished’ products are complete and in full working condition. They may have previously been used as demo stock or returned from retailers. Products will also be shipped with original content as listed on the packaging. Swann’s technicians have certified the products are ready for use with a 3 month base warranty. Occasionally minor cosmetic scratches and wear may be present.