Wireless and Worry-free Solar Powered Security Cameras

Security cameras powered by solar charging panels offer the ultimate in convenience and flexibility.

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Get Solar Panel Chargers and Camera Kits for a Constant, Reliable Charge

Swann solar panel chargers and solar powered security camera kits allow you to keep your cameras charged at all times, while using no electricity from your grid. These wireless solar panels and security cameras are weatherproof, highly adjustable, and offer flexible mounting options. Choose from single solar panel charger, or kits that include panels and wireless security solar cameras paired together.

Getting Started with Solar Powered Security Cameras
  • How do Swann solar panels work?

    Our weatherproof solar panels are some of our most popular security accessories, designed to permanently charge Swann wireless security cameras with environmentally-friendly (and economically beneficial) solar power. They come with adjustable brackets and connect via long USB cables, ensuring you can find the perfect orientation to maximize sunlight exposure. Learn more with our complete guide to solar powered security systems.

  • Do solar powered security cameras work at night?

    When direct sunlight is not available (i.e. at night or on a rainy day), the solar powered security camera will be powered by the rechargeable batteries. The battery will start charging as soon as there is direct sunlight.

  • How long does a charged solar powered security camera record?

    Most high quality solar powered cameras can record for at least 12 hours on a stored charge. It's important to choose a sunny environment for your solar charger to get the most from each charge.

  • How many cameras can you connect to a solar panel?

    The number of cameras that you can connect to a single solar panel depends on several factors, including the power requirements of the cameras, the capacity of the solar panel, and the efficiency of the charging system. Swann charging panels have a single USB connector to charge a single camera, per camera.