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Swann now offers fast professional alarm &
video monitoring for complete protection 24/7.

How Does Secure+ Pro Monitoring Work?

Why Choose Secure+ Pro Monitoring?

Trusted Brand

With 35 years experience, & over 5 million homes protected, Swann has the know-how to keep you safe.

Best in Class

Monitoring centers with UL listings & TMA 5 Diamond ratings for reliability & service excellence.

Protection 24/7

Swann’s True DetectTM sensors are only triggered by the heat & motion-based activity you care about.

Faster Response

Pro Video adds video verification for more reliable incident assessment & faster response time.

Flexibility & Value

For as little as 49c a day, you get all the services of Swann’s Secure+ plans & no long term contracts.

Insurance Savings

Receive a certificate to save up to 15% on your annual home insurance6 costs.

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Free Extra/Unlimited Pro Monitoring Pro Video Monitoring
- For a single camera or recorder kit ('Extra'), or all the devices1 in a home ('Unlimited'). 24/7 Pro Monitoring. Fast emergency response. 24/7 Pro Monitoring with Video Verification. Fastest emergency response.
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor Indoor Only Indoor & Outdoor
Pricing - $2.99 / $9.99/mo
or $29.99 / $99.99/yr
or $149.99/yr
or $249.99/yr
Cloud Services
Cloud Video Recording Recorded events are securely saved on the cloud for 60 days for you to review or save separately when needed 1 Day 60 Days 60 Days 60 Days
Mode Schedules Configure your devices to specifically protect your home when you are home, away or sleeping. You can also automatically change Modes based on your personal weekly schedule
Push Notifications
Notification Actions Sirens, Lights Sirens, Lights Sirens, Lights, Active Response Sirens, Lights, Active Response
Motion Zones Select zones in your camera's view where activity is recorded Included Included
Activity Reporting Review your smart alerts in even greater detail 1 Week 30 Days
30 Days
30 Days
Cloud Video Analytics
Pet, Package, Vehicle Detection
Professional Monitoring
24/7 Advanced Security Monitoring Active Response, Human Events Active Response, Human Events
Fast Emergency Dispatch
Active Response You can request Emergency Services to your home or physical location with just a few taps! When you receive an event notification you can tap to dispatch first responders to your property. Additionally, if you’re out and about and need help for an emergency, we can use your location data to enable the first responders to find you fast. This does not require a Swann device! Download our app and join the right Secure+ plan to have this service for peace of mind 24/7, wherever you are.
Test Mode Use 'Test Mode' to experience how our call center contacts you, without alerting first responders. Test Mode can also be used when you do not wish to alert authorities but we should call you when threats are detected. To test the service, act “suspiciously” in view of an armed camera. Once you're notified, you can simply dismiss the alert with your PIN number or biometrics (if enabled).
Notification Actions Sirens, Lights Sirens, Lights, Dispatch Sirens, Lights, Dispatch
False Alarm Forgiveness If you've received a false alarm fine from your city or local law enforcement agency, we may be able to help you appeal the fine or, in certain cases, cover the cost. We'll determine if/how we can help on a case-by-case basis. N/A N/A
Event Video Verification6 Our Pro Monitoring center reviews video of each armed alarm event to assess the risk and dispatch the authorities if required
Human Events
Home Insurance Discount Check with your insurer - discounts are applied for professional monitoring services! This can offset the costs of Secure+ Pro Monitoring, a win-win!
Third Party Integration
Hey Google, Alexa, IFTTT
Additional Benefits
Free Trial Offer2 -
3 Year Extended Warranty5
Insurance Protection4
Exclusive Offers3
Compatible Devices1 These devices will trigger the monitoring center when activity is detected via the PIR sensor. They will NOT verify the event with video. These devices will trigger the monitoring center when activity is detected and a video clip with be sent to to the monitoring center verify the event, and will be sent to first responders for priority dispatch.
Wi-Fi Motion Sensor Wirefree Security Camera
Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera
Pan & Tilt Security Camera 2KO Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight Security Camera
Wirefree Security Camera Xtreem Wireless Security Camera
Indoor Alert Security Camera CoreCam Security Camera
2KI Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera Fourtify Wi-Fi Security Kit
Xtreem Wireless Security Camera Floodlight Security Camera
CoreCam Security Camera Slimline Floodlight Security Camera
4K Floodlight Security Camera
SwannBuddy Video Doorbell
  • 1 Device is defined as a single Wireless or Wi-Fi Camera or wired DVR or NVR camera system.
  • 2 Receive a Free 90-Day trial intro offer when you sign up for to use Secure+ Member Plans. Applies to Extra & Unlimited plans only.
  • 3 Special Offers on available to customers in USA, UK & Australia only.
  • 4 To make a claim using Secure+ Insurance Protection please complete the form located here.
  • 5 The 36 months Extended Warranty period begins from the product purchase date, not the date of membership commencement. Additional terms & conditions apply.
  • 6 Video verification available in the Pro Video tier of Secure+ Member Plans only. Pro tier includes monitoring of indoor devices1 only.

Subscribing to Swann Secure+ Member Plans is bound by our privacy policy and terms of service here.



Additional Information

  1. What are Swann's Secure+ Member Plans?
    An option for you as a Swann customer, to have additional services for extra peace of mind and greater security at your home property.
  2. How do I access the Secure+ Member Plans?
    You can join in the Swann Security app by selecting ‘Secure+ Plans’ in the main menu.
  3. Can anyone subscribe?
    Yes. As long as you are using the Swann Security app.
  4. What devices are compatible?
    Any Swann products (both Wi-Fi and wired) using the Swann Security app ecosystem are eligible.
  5. What does Swann consider to be a ‘device’?
    Wireless and powered Wi-Fi cameras and complete wired systems are considered devices.
  6. Are all Wi-Fi cameras using the Swann Security app compatible with Secure+ Member Plans?
    Yes. All Swann products using the Swann Security app are compatible. Swann’s Tracker Camera can connect to Secure+ but, unlike other Wi-Fi Cameras, is not compatible with the full suite of services.
  7. Are all wired systems using Swann Security compatible with Service Plans?
    Yes. Both Swann’s DVR and NVR systems. However, wired systems are not eligible for all the same services as Wi-Fi Cameras. See more details on this web page.
  8. What payment options are available to me?
    You can pay monthly or annually.
  9. What countries can I subscribe from?
    Secure+ Member Plans are available globally but options and inclusions may vary.
  10. Is Face Recognition included in Secure+ Member Plans?
    No. Face Recognition (identifying specific people of interest) is not currently included as part of the member plans on any of the included products. Some Swann Wireless devices and high-end NVR recording systems include Face Recognition as a free service.
  11. How do I subscribe or become a member?
    Log in to the Swann Security app using your username and password then, follow the prompts for Secure+ Member Plans, selecting the plan and features you would like.
  12. What do I need prior to subscribing?
    A Swann Security account and iTunes account (for iOS devices) or Google Play account (for Android devices).
  13. Can I vary my mix of Secure+ Member Plans?
    No. You may only apply a single Secure+ Member Plan to an account.
  14. Are subscriptions transferrable between devices?
    No. Subscriptions are applied are not transferable between multiple devices.
  15. How does Swann know which devices I have subscribed?
    Each of your devices is linked to your Swann Security account, which captures the subscription plan you have chosen for that device.
  16. Do members get a free trial period?
    Members get a free trial with ‘Extra’ & ‘Unlimited’ plans when they first subscribe.
  17. What if I’m not satisfied with my Secure+ Member Plan?
    You can cancel any time. If you cancel during your trial period you will not be charged.
  18. Do members have to put their credit card details in at the time of subscribing?
    No. Secure+ Member Plans are processed via your iTunes (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices) account.
  19. Where can I learn more about Swann's Secure+ Member plans?
    Online on this page
  1. What does Swann consider to be a ‘device’?
    Wireless and powered Wi-Fi cameras and complete wired systems are considered devices.
  2. What payment options are available to me?
    You can pay on a monthly or annual basis. There is a discount if you pay annually.
  3. What countries can I subscribe from?
    Secure+ Member Plans are available globally.
  4. Do the prices include tax?
    Yes, as per the way Swann normally treats pricing in your market ie for sales tax, VAT, GST etc.
  5. What if my credit card expires?
    It’s up to you to update your Apple iTunes or Google Play account with your new card’s details.
  6. Can I pay via iTunes or Google Play?
    Yes. You can subscribe in app using either iTunes (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).
  7. Why would I choose an annual payment plan?
    Annual members pay a discounted rate for their subscription.
  8. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
  1. How does Secure+ Pro Monitoring work?
    Check out the guide here.
  2. I have Swann products at more than one address, does a Secure+ Pro Monitoring Plan cover them all?
    No. Secure+ Pro Monitoring can only be used to protect one property.

    If you wish to professionally monitor multiple properties, we request that you create multiple Swann Security accounts and subscribe to Secure+ Pro Monitoring multiple times.
  3. Do I need to add Emergency Contacts? Can I change a Contact after I set them up?
    Yes, the names and details for up to 5 Emergency Contacts are required to provide a much higher likelihood of verifying events. Yes, contacts can be changed anytime, but remember that your contacts require their PIN to deactivate alerts.
  4. I have subscribed to a Secure+ Pro Monitoring plan, but how can I check that it’s working?
    The Secure+ Pro Monitoring service allows you to generate a personal panic alarm. This can be either one that is related to Security, Fire or Medical. Using this mechanism, we also allow you to test the service. You can find the personal security alarm trigger on the header of the Live View and Playback screens. Once an Alarm is triggered, our Pro Monitoring service will call you and your contacts to validate it but stop short of approaching Police. Please be prepared to provide your PIN code.
  5. How much does Secure+ Pro Monitoring cost?
    Pro: $14.99/month (indoor, alarm only)
    Pro Video: $24.99/month (indoor & outdoor, alarm + video verification)
  6. Can I try Secure+ Pro Monitoring before I subscribe?
    There is no free trial period for Secure+ Pro Monitoring, but you can cancel the service at any time.
  7. What happens when I add a new Swann device?
    Secure+ Pro Monitoring plans allow users to monitor all their devices in a single home. Users that are on a Secure+ Pro Monitoring member plan can freely add new devices to their account and configure them for monitoring services alongside their existing Swann Security solution. Please note that devices installed outside must use the Secure+ Pro Video service that enables video verification prior to an event.
  8. How do I add Secure+ Pro Monitoring?
    You can add Secure+ Pro Monitoring in the Swann Security app.
  9. Can I cancel Pro Monitoring if I don’t need it anymore?
    Yes, you can cancel any time.
  10. I already have a Secure+ plan, can I add Pro Monitoring?
    Yes, you can upgrade from your current Secure+ Member Plan to the plans with Pro Monitoring in-app by visiting Settings > Secure+ Plans.
  11. Is Secure+ Pro Monitoring available around the world?
    No. It is only available in the USA (all 50 states) and Canada.
  12. Who is liable if the police arrive but there is no incident to worry about?
    Verified alerts to our call center are assessed by professionals which reduces the likelihood of police attending false alerts. There are steps in the process for you to also verify the alert or dismiss it so police are not being called on unnecessarily. 
  13. Your privacy is important to us. Learn More.
  1. What is Cloud Recording?
    Most Swann Wireless and Powered Wi-Fi Cameras store video clips in the secure cloud for a rolling 1-7 days. You can access those clips at any time for viewing and/or downloading.
  2. How is Cloud Recording different if I subscribe to a Secure+ Member Plan?
    Members get to store more clips for longer in the cloud. You will enjoy 60 days rolling of clips and still images (depending on your device) saved to Swann’s secure cloud instead of the usual 1-7 days rolling cloud storage.
  3. How are the days of rolling cloud storage calculated & what’s 'fair use'?
    Swann Wireless and Powered Wi-Fi cameras are not designed for continuous recording. They are intended to specifically record true motion around the camera with minimal false triggers. 60 days is calculated based on 'fair use' of up to 200 clips of 10-60 seconds duration each day and camera.
  4. What if I exceed the ‘fair use’ terms?
    Swann Wireless and Powered Wi-Fi cameras are not designed for continuous recording. They are intended to specifically record true motion around the camera with minimal false triggers. If you exceed the fair use quantity for the upload of clips you may experience delays in uploading or downloading clips. Furthermore, where Swann deems this use to be excessive, it may, at its option, reduce the camera sensitivity so that each camera is recording fewer false events.
  5. What is device backup?
    Some Swann Wireless and Powered Wi-Fi Cameras are able to backup clips onto the camera for a limited time where a network connection has become interrupted. Once the network is restored, the clips stored on the camera are uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed like other clips.
  6. How long can a camera record as a local backup?
    Cameras have very limited local storage. Depending on the clip duration and frequency, typically up to 2 days of local backup is available.
  7. How to I access local backup?
    Local backup cannot be directly accessed. The idea is that the camera provides this service while its network connection is interrupted. Without a network connection, the camera cannot be accessed. However, once the network is restored all backed up clips are uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed using the Swann Security app ‘Playback’ section.
  8. Are all Swann devices compatible with the Cloud service?
    No. It is only included in Secure+ plans for wireless and powered Wi-Fi devices. It is not compatible with wired systems, although some wired systems have the ability to save to Dropbox or network as part of their free offering. The Tracker Security Camera is not compatible with cloud recording nor Secure+ Member Plans
  9. How do I access clips saved to the cloud?
    Via the Swann Security app on your mobile device you can retrieve clips stored in the cloud by day and hour.
  10. Are clips any length?
    Clips are only as long as your device will allow, typically that is no longer than 60 seconds per clip.
  1. What are Smart Analytics and Alerts?
    Your Swann Wireless Camera or Wi-Fi Camera can sense the heat and movement vehicles and pets to send an alert or notification to your mobile device.
  2. Will Face Recognition be included as part of subscription on all devices?
    No. Face Recognition is coming soon for subscription on powered Wi-Fi devices. It is included free already on wireless devices and some wired systems (such as Professional Series NVRs).
  3. Are all Swann devices compatible with Smart Analytics and Alerts?
    No. Only powered Wi-Fi and wireless devices are compatible with these alerts for subscription. However, wired systems are also able to receive some alerts as standard due to their cameras’ True Detect heat and motion sensing.
  4. Will I receive alerts automatically if I subscribe?
    You will need to configure your phone to receive notifications for the Swann Security app in the Settings menu of your phone. The number of alerts depends on the activity detected and the sensitivity settings you choose within the app.
  5. What types of alerts will I be able to receive?
    In addition to the free alerts that come as standard, Secure+ members with a connected Wi-Fi camera can receive Package, Vehicle and Pet Detection alerts.
  6. Can I vary the sensitivity of what triggers a smart alert?
    Yes. Within the app’s settings menu per device.
  7. Will the camera be triggered by my pet or a small animal like a mouse?
    No. You can vary the sensitivity of the activity detection.
  8. Does my camera recognize license plates?
    No. Vehicle recognition is based around an algorithm around the shape of the vehicle.
  9. How does package detection work?
    Package detection uses an algorithm to detect the shape of packages/parcels/envelopes and people to alert you when an item has been moved to or from your premises.
  1. What are rich notifications?
    Rich notifications are a notification or alert to your mobile device with a thumbnail image attached for quick and easy identification.
  2. What’s the advantage of a rich notification?
    With an image attached you can quickly discern what’s happening and what action you want to take.
  3. Can rich notifications and Smart Alerts appear over my phone’s lock screen?
    Yes. It’s a good way to know what’s happening even when your phone is off or ‘locked’ as the notifications can appear accompanied by a sound to alert you to important activity. You can vary this in your phone’s settings menu.
  4. Are all Swann devices compatible with Rich Notifications?
    No. It is only included in subscription for wireless and powered Wi-Fi devices. It is not compatible with wired systems.
  5. Will I receive rich notifications automatically if I subscribe?
    You will need to configure your phone to receive notifications for the Swann Security app in the Settings menu of your phone. The number of alerts depends on the activity detected and the sensitivity settings you choose within the app.
  1. Are all Swann devices compatible with Extended Warranty via Secure+ Member Plans?
    Yes. If your product meets the conditions for Extended Warranty, including that you commence your membership within 6 months of the date of purchasing the device (wireless, powered Wi-Fi Camera or wired system) or devices you are subscribing for. If the device is not subscribed to a Secure+ Member Plans within 6 months of purchase, Extended Warranty will not apply and only the standard 12 month warranty (from the date of purchase) applies.
  2. How does subscription affect Swann’s standard manufacturer’s warranty?
    Swann offers a 12 month’s manufacturer’s warranty on all devices and complies with all statutory and legal requirements in relation to warranty in your region. Swann extends its warranty to 36 months with an active membership / subscription. The period of 36 months for Extended Warranty begins from the purchase date, NOT the date of membership / subscription commencement.
  3. What happens if I stop being a member?
    The extended warranty period is only valid while you are a member. If you discontinue your subscription, you can no longer claim an extended warranty.
  4. Is there a process for warranty claims?
    Yes. As outlined on, extended warranties are handled as part of Swann’s standard warranty claim process. You need to retain a copy of your proof of purchase to make a warranty claim.
  5. What do I do to claim extended warranty?
    If you are a member of a Secure+ Member Plan for the device in question, you fill in the online form to claim. You must be able to show fair use as outlined in Swann’s terms of service and have proof of purchase. Your inquiry is then forwarded to Swann’s warranty department in your region who process the claim according to the agreed warranty process for that region.
  1. Are all Swann devices compatible with Insurance Claims?
    Yes. If you are a member and you are able to satisfy the conditions for Insurance Claims including a valid police report, Swann will replace that device with an equivalent one, free of charge.
  2. What if one camera from my wired system is stolen?
    Swann will endeavor to replace that one camera, not the whole system.
  3. How do I make an insurance claim?
    You must be a current member of a Secure+ Member Plan, then fill in the online form to claim. The inquiry is forwarded to the warranty department in your region who processes the claim according to Swann’s insurance claim process.
  4. Does insurance cover other incidents, such as fire, other damage, wear and tear?
    No. Insurance is there for when members have their device stolen and can prove that with a valid police report.
  5. What if I don’t have a valid police report?
    Swann will not be able to replace your device. You may still have coverage under your standard home and contents insurance policy if you have one.
  1. Are all Swann devices compatible with Special Offers on
    Yes. If you are a member to one of Swann’s Secure+ Member Plans and are located in the USA, UK or Australia, you are able to take advantage of exclusive offers, discounts and special deals.
  2. Why is this service only available in the USA, UK and Australia?
    It is tied to the ecommerce stores on and only those countries have a Swann Store.
  3. I don’t live in the USA, UK and Australia can I get special offers on
    No. Unfortunately we cannot support you with special offers at this time.
  4. What if another country added ecommerce?
    Yes. That could change things but for now it is only available in the USA, UK and Australia.
  5. As a member, how will I know what the offers are?
    Once you have activated your subscription Swann will communicate special offers to you via email.
  6. Will these discounts and offers be available to non-members?
    Not normally. Most offers, deals and discounts will be exclusive to members of the Secure+ Member Plans.
  7. Will these discounts and offers be in addition to other offers on
    It depends. Some offers will be able to be combined with advertised offers on and some others may be considered a one-off or separate.
  8. Will there be discounts and offers on other websites?
    That is a possibility as we develop our service offering. Our goal is to ensure our members are always looked after with the best deals and extra peace of mind.

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