Best Security Cameras
for Business

Focus on what matters most to your business and leave security to us. We believe in affordable, easy to install and use commercial CCTV cameras so you can spend more time working on your business. From cafes to offices, shops to warehouses, Swann’s range of business CCTV cameras and systems can help protect your business 24/7.

No Recurring Fees

Enjoy free local & cloud recording with no ongoing fees.

Stay Protected 24/7

Sensor lights, sirens, mobile alerts & more prevent crime.

Multi-Image Security Systems

Latest 4K & 6K resolution, 2-way talk & more at an affordable price.

Secure Your Business

New smart analytics, such as heat mapping, alert you & record activity.

Power to Camera
Rechargeable Battery
Power Cord
Wired, PoE
Wired, PoE
Free Cloud & Local Recording
Local & Dropbox
Local & Dropbox
No Ongoing Fees
Do It Yourself Security
True Detect™ Heat, Motion, Person Detection
Sensor Lights
Some Models
Some Models
Some Models
Some Models
Two-Way Talk
Some Models
Some Models
Remote Mobile Alerts
Smart Mobile Alerts
Advanced Analytics
Ease of Setup
Very Easy
Optional Member Services
Optional Pro Monitoring*

* USA only
Note: not all features available on all models. Check model listings on this website.

Swann Business Security Cameras & Systems

Small Business Security Cameras

We know small businesses need an affordable security system that is easy to install and fits their specific business needs. With Swann, you can create the ideal security system. Need to mix and match various wireless security cameras for business? No problem. Need a business security system that can scale as your business grows? Swann can help. We know you can’t be everywhere at once, but we can be. Keep an eye on the most important areas of your business location including:

  • Business entrance
  • Cash registers and safes
  • Back office
  • Low visibility areas
  • Storage/warehouse

Best Security Cameras for Businesses:

IP Security Cameras - wired, wireless or wire-free cameras with remote viewing so you can check in on your business from anywhere. Ideal for sole traders, pop-up stores and cafes where budgets are tight, but need security.
Warning Light Cameras - with built-in sensor lights, color night vision, audio and sirens, they prevent and protect when you're not there.
Dome Cameras - discreet, resistant to tampering, with a wide angle field of view. Great for use indoors or outdoors over a cash register or stairwell.
Bullet Cameras - visible deterrent with a focused, longer range. Great for parking lots or perimeter security as well as indoor use.

Best Security System by Type of Business:

Best Security Cameras for Businesses:

Set up a complete security system in minutes.
Best cameras: Wire-free, wireless cameras, and wifi camera systems.
Benefits: Lower price point, simple setup, hub free, perfect for smaller businesses.

Spot-on for Parking Lots, Dark or Hidden areas:

Invest in cameras with added extras to prevent action before it happens.
Best Swann cameras: 4K NVR, 8 cameras with options like sensor warning lights, siren, audio and work with a network video recorder (NVR).
Benefits: Control lights and siren from your phone, color night vision and smart search.

Offices, Warehouses or Small Hotels

Install a reliable system with numerous, high-definition security cameras.
Best Swann cameras: 4K NVR, 16 cameras with options like sensor warning lights, siren, audio and work with a network video recorder (NVR).
Benefits: There’s plenty of hard-drive storage, and color night vision.

Farm, Building Site, or Animal Sanctuary

Install a robust security system you can rely on, that has multiple cameras to set up and forget.
Best cameras: 5MP, 8 or 16 cameras that work with a digital video recorder (NVR)
Benefits: Lower price than the 4K NVR kits, they work as hard as you do. You can use Smart Search to look for movement within recordings.

Get peace of mind knowing your business is protected day and night.

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