Product Returns

Swann Communications Product Returns Policy, Process & Warranty Information

Last updated July 2023.

Product Returns and Warranty Policy

All new products sold by Swann Communications on are covered by a 24 Month Warranty. Swann Communications will accept product returns within 30 days of purchase or assist you to repair or replace product for the duration of the warranty period where:

  • The product is found to be defective/ faulty, or
  • The product is not fit for its intended purpose, or
  • The product does not match the specifications/ description on;
  • The product has been used in the country of purchase, and;
  • You have an order reference/ receipt or adequate proof of purchase from dated within the 24 month warranty period.

Repair or Replace Policy

  • You must contact us & make a claim within 24 months of purchase date for a repair or replacement of the same or an equivalent model.
  • You must provide proof of purchase when making a claim with Swann.
  • If stock returned is found DOA (Dead on arrival within 14 days of receiving delivery) Swann will reimburse any delivery expense incurred by you.
  • You must provide proof of purchase when making a claim with Swann.
  • You may incur a restocking fee of $50 if the product you return is considered no longer in saleable condition once it’s received.
  • If you were charged a shipping fee at time of purchase, this will be deducted from your refund amount (unless refund is due to shipping error).
  • If stock returned is found DOA (Dead on arrival) Swann will reimburse any delivery expense when purchased on
  • Refunds are granted once stock is returned to Swann, tested and approved by Swann’s Warranty/ Returns team.
  • Swann is not liable for, nor will it refund the cost of, installing or uninstalling your Swann product. The decision to hire a third party installer after purchase of your Swann product is at your discretion and Swann is not liable for said costs.

Extended Warranty

Members of our Secure+ Plans may be eligible for Extended Warranty (See ‘Extended Warranty’ section) on subscribed devices for a period up to 36 months from the date of purchase. If an Extended Warranty does apply, the device(s) in question is still subject to the warranty and returns policies and processes as described below, with the exception of the warranty period.

For all product returns, you are required to submit a Returns Authorization Request.

Product Returns Process

1 – Troubleshoot using our Technical Support Website

You may be able to fix your problem quickly and easily without needing to return it using articles for common issues via our Technical Support site.

2 – Returns Authorization Request

If troubleshooting does not help, submit a Returns Authorization Request to contact our Technical Support Team directly. They will be able to help. You can:

  • Submit your email address, name & contact details to create an account
  • Raise a new request
  • Upload your order reference/ receipt for the product you’ve bought
  • Receive a case number to track your request
  • Arrange a call-back from our Technical Support Team

3 – Returns Authorization Approval

If the Technical Support Team cannot fix the issue, you will be given an Authorization (RA) Number to return the product.

  • An RA Number will usually be given within 2 working days of the initial RA Request.
  • An RA Number will be issued for one or more products being returned in the same shipment from the same location.

4 – Return your Product

  • Repair or Replacements - pack product parts sufficiently in a shipping carton.
  • Refunds – pack ALL product parts and components sufficiently in a shipping carton.
  • Clearly write your RA Number on the outside of the shipping carton, NOT on the product for all returns. Goods that are returned to Swann without an RA Number will be sent back to you at your expense.
  • Send returns to - Swann Communications, Returns Authorization Dept., 10646 Bloomfield Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA. 90670.
  • Once received, allow 5-10 days for your returned product to be processed and assessed. You will be contacted via email advising of the outcome.
  • Approved refunds will be credited back into the same account it was debited from. This may not include shipping costs.
  • Swann will not refund any costs you incur associated with the installation or uninstallation of your Swann products.

Issuing of an RA number does not guarantee the acceptance of stock if other criteria are not met. Stock remains the property of the Original Owner until it is accepted by Swann Communications as a valid return.

5 – Alter Your Secure+ Member Plan

If the product being returned is included within or linked to a Secure+ subscription plan you may need to alter the details of your plan if you return your product. If you have an Extra Plan (for this single device) then cancel that plan. If you have an Unlimited Plan (with other devices) then remove that device from your plan in the Swann Security app.

Further, if you are issued with a replacement product you will need to resubscribe (to commence an Extra Plan for a single device) or resubscribe when you pair your new device (if you already have a multi-device Unlimited Plan).

Purchasing from

If you wish to return an item purchased online at because you have changed your mind, we will offer you an exchange or refund provided that:

  • You return the item within 30 days of purchase.
  • You produce your original receipt/proof of purchase when you return the item.
  • The item is in re-saleable condition meaning that:
    • It is in its original packaging, including instruction manuals and all accessories.
    • It is unopened, unused and in its original condition.
    • The original security seal or shrink wrap is intact.

Please refer to the returns process to obtain a Returns Authorization Number.

Purchasing from Authorized Retailers/ Stockists

If you purchased a Swann product online or in store from an authorized retailer/ stockist and wish to return it, you must return it to the original place of purchase and abide by their returns policy.

If the product is believed to be defective/ faulty please refer to the returns process to obtain a Returns Authorization Number.

Product Warranty Information

Swann Communications Warranty Period on new products is 24 months from the date of purchase. Swann Communications Warranty Period on refurbished products is 3 months from the date of purchase.

The following terms and conditions apply when purchased on

  • All Swann warranties are limited to the original purchaser.
  • Warranty registration is not required, but purchasers should retain their order reference/ receipt as proof of purchase.
  • Any party returning a faulty unit must pay all applicable freight (and insurance if applicable) to return the unit to Swann.
  • Swann will pay all freight charges to return the repaired unit to the returning party.
  • Swann will at their discretion, repair, replace or credit the faulty unit.
  • Any unit returned as faulty, but tested and found OK will incur a handling charge of $50.
  • Any new product that fails within 14 days of end user purchase is considered DOA, and will be replaced with a new unit.
  • Swann fully supports all products for the entire warranty period, but cannot support third party software, as Swann has no control over its use or design.
  • Returns will be rejected unless they are clearly marked with a Return Authorization Number supplied by our Technical Support Team.
  • Swann reserves the right to replace any faulty unit that is no longer in production with a current model of similar or equivalent type.
  • Evidence of any of the following conditions will void any warranty claim:
    • Lightning strike or power surge (Swann recommends fitting a power surge protection device);
    • Physical damage;
    • Removal of any tamper seal;
    • Unauthorized end user or third party modifications to any component;
    • Evidence of misuse or abuse of the device.
  • Swann aims to process claims within 10 working days from order reference/ receipt of the unit, but cannot be held responsible for any reasonable delays due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Goods capable of storing user-generated data may experience a loss of data during the repair process. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all personal data is deleted before returning the item or items to Swann.
  • The Warranty does not include any costs associated with the installation or uninstallation of your Swann products, whether or not you have a successful warranty claim against Swann.



The Warranty does not apply if:

  • You received the product, but found it cheaper somewhere else at a later date.
  • You misused a product in any way that caused the problem.
  • You knew of or were made aware of the faults before you bought the product.
  • You asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business or were unclear about what you wanted.
  • You do not have proof of purchase, such as receipt, credit card or bank statement.
  • You bought the product from an unauthorized retailer/ stockist or second hand.
  • You received the product(s) as a gift. The warranty is non transferrable and requires written consent from the original purchaser.


  • Refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired may replace goods returned for repair.
  • Refunds are issued using your original payment method.
  • Re-imbursement of shipping is only applicable on qualified products returned to Swann Communications within 3 months of Returns Authorization.
  • Swann Communications reserves the right to assess the condition and age of returned goods before providing a repair, exchange or refund. This may result in a repair, exchange or refund being refused.
Extended Warranty

Members of our Secure+ Plans may be eligible for Extended Warranty (See ‘Extended Warranty’ section) on subscribed devices for a period up to 36 months from the date of purchase. If an Extended Warranty does apply, the device(s) in question is still subject to the warranty and returns policies and processes as described below, with the exception of the warranty period.

1. If your Secure+ Plan is the Extra Plan or the Unlimited Plan you are entitled to, amongst other benefits that accompany your Plan, an extension of the Limited Warranty.

  • This is for another 12 months (being 36 months in total) (Extended Warranty) provided you commence your subscription within 6 months of purchasing the subscribed device.
  • If the device is not subscribed to Secure+ Member Plans within 6 months of purchase, Extended Warranty will not apply and only the standard warranty applies.

2. You must be an active member of the Secure+ Plan continuously for the duration of the subscription period up to and including the time of your Extended Warranty claim.

3. Extended warranty commences from the original date of purchase only.

4. To make a warranty claim under your Extended Warranty, you must follow the process in the section ‘Purchases from - Product Returns & Refunds Process’ .

5. If you are a member of a Secure+ Plan and have any questions about your Warranty status you can visit or contact our Customer Service team [email protected]