Personal Safety Monitoring is Here Notify up to 5 emergency contacts, Swann’s monitoring center & the police for an active response if you need help.

How Does the ActiveResponse Plan Work?

Why Choose ActiveResponse?

Trusted Brand

With 35 years experience, & tens of millions of people protected, Swann has the know-how to keep you safe.

Best in Class

Monitoring centers with UL listings & TMA5 Diamond ratings, for swift connection with the police when you need assistance.

Protection 24/7

Keep your ActiveResponse personal safety alarm & phone with you, to ensure you’re always able to get help.

Faster Response

In case of trouble, a simple pull of the siren or press of the button remotely activates an immediate response.

Value for Money

For as little as 17 cents a day & no lock-in contract, you can protect your entire family with multiple devices.

Help Where You Are

When you trigger ActiveResponse, it sends a message with your precise GPS location, enabling the police to locate you swiftly in times of need.

Get ActiveResponse

Now in the Swann Security App

ActiveResponse Subscription

Compatible Devices
ActiveResponse Personal Alarm Kit
Single Pack – Aqua (SWIFI-MPRST)
Single Pack – Graphite (SWIFI-MPRSB)
$4.99 per month
Number of Alarm Devices on 1 Plan
Mobile Phone with App
Swann Security
Connectivity Method
Number of Personal Contacts Able to be Contacted in Emergency
Up to 5
Professional Monitoring of Your Location & Situation When Activated
Location Method
Text Message with GPS Co-Ordinates
Local Police Response in Emergency
Lock & Unlock on Device
  • Ensure you have your phone with Bluetooth when using ActiveResponse.
  • Activate the alarm by either pulling the ring or pressing the device's button.
  • Access remote monitoring, including local police response, exclusively with a subscription plan.
  • Alert your primary contact via SMS for free.
  • Notify up to 5 emergency contacts with a paid subscription.
  • Our professional monitoring center follows a predefined script to provide assistance during emergencies (refer to terms and conditions).
  • Please note that local police response depends on police availability in your area, and Swann is not responsible for any delays in police response.

* If you do not have an ActiveResponse plan an SMS message will be sent to your nominated personal contact only.

Subscribing to Swann Secure+ Member Plans is bound by our privacy policy and terms of service here.