Extend Your Coverage with Add-On Wired NVR Cameras

It's easy to add a camera to your 1080p, 4K or 6K wired NVR surveillance system.

Add-On Wired NVR Security Cameras

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Protect Your Home With Add-on Wired NVR Cameras

Optimize your wired NVR security system with add-on wired surveillance cameras from Swann. You'll have advanced features like True Detect heat and motion-triggered alerts, Speak to See voice integration with Hey Google and Alexa, Night2Day color video at night, and more. Whether you need add-on cameras or an entire surveillance system, our 1080p Full HD, 2K HD, 4K Ultra HD, or 6K Mega HD (also known as 12MP) resolution cameras are designed to handle all your home security needs.

Getting Started With Swann Add-On Wired NVR Cameras
  • What are add-on surveillance cameras?

    Add-on surveillance cameras are wired cameras that can be ‘added on’ to your existing security system. They don’t come with a DVR or NVR recorder, but instead connect to the recorder you already have in place.

  • How many surveillance cameras can I connect to my system?

    The number of surveillance cameras, or channels, that your system can support depends on the recorder. Swann DVR and NVR recorders can support anywhere from one to 16 cameras.

    If you’re unsure about your recorder, check to see the number of channel ports it has. Even if you’re using a wireless NVR security system, the number of channel ports will indicate how many cameras your recorder can accommodate.

  • Do all add-on cameras offer night vision?

    All Swann cameras offer night vision of varying distances depending on numerous factors including the number of infrared LED lights within the camera, whether the camera has sensor spotlights and the type and amount of light surrounding the location. In the past security cameras produced only black and white night vision but many Swann cameras now have sensor spotlights allowing them to produce color night vision, making it even easier to tell what's happening at night.

  • How do I know if an add-on surveillance camera is compatible with my system?

    To ensure capability, closely read the title and description of the Swann surveillance camera you’re considering.

    If the camera is an add-on model, that will be reflected in the title, along with the type of surveillance system it connects to. In the camera’s description, there will be a more extensive list of compatible security systems.

    Stand-alone cameras will not say “Add-on” in the description, and aren’t meant to incorporate into existing systems.

  • What surveillance camera resolution should I get?

    Swann offers a wide range of wired surveillance camera resolutions, including 1080p Full HD, 2K HD, 5MP Super HD, 4K Ultra HD, or 6K Mega HD (also known as 12MP). The resolution that’s best for you depends on your specific security needs.

    If you simply want to be aware of what’s going on around you, 1080p Full HD is a great choice.

    As you start moving up to 2K HD and 5MP Super HD, it becomes easier to identify facial features and other small details.

    For the ultimate protection, 4K Ultra HD and 6K Mega HD make it possible to decipher nearly every detail of an image, including license plates.