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Getting Started With NVR Security Systems
  • How are NVR systems different from DVR systems?

    DVR systems use analog cameras that connect to a DVR using coaxial cable. The video signals from the cameras are converted from analog to digital by the recorder.

  • Are all NVR systems wireless?

    No. Swann offers NVR surveillance systems that are wired, powered wi-fi or wireless. NVR systems can be wired, much like DVR systems, but don’t have to be. It all depends on whether the IP cameras use Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi to transmit video and audio signals. Wired has cameras powered via PoE, powered wi-fi has cameras that connect to power sockets yet transmit video over wi-fi, whereas wireless have rechargeable batteries and also transmit video over wi-fi.

  • What’s the difference between wired, wireless, and wire-free NVR camera systems?

    Wired NVR systems are hardwired into the home, transmitting video and audio signals from the cameras to the recorder through Ethernet cables, with power to the cameras via PoE.

    Powered Wi-Fi systems transmit signals through the home’s Wi-Fi network instead of using Ethernet cables, but the cameras still need to be plugged into a power source.

    Wireless or Wire-free systems also transmit signals through the home’s Wi-Fi, but use rechargeable battery-powered cameras that don’t need to maintain a connection to a power source.

  • What internet speed do I need for a wireless or wire-free NVR camera system?

    Wi-Fi enabled Swann devices work well with at least 1Mbps of upload bandwidth, although 2Mbps or greater is ideal.

  • How do I see the video footage?

    The Swann Security app for iOS or Android allows you to access live or playback video wherever you are. NVR systems come with a hard drive to locally store (usually up to 2TB of) data. There is also the option to back up some of the camera footage on the cloud.