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Our Wireless Doorbell Cameras Help Protect Against Package Theft & Burglary

Crystal-clear 1080p HD video helps to reveal faces, license plates, and more regardless of light conditions. True Detect™ heat and motion sensing assures you get reliable alerts, while up to one year of surveillance video is stored for free.

Getting started with DIY Security
  • Why should I install a DIY security camera system?

    With visible signs of security your property is three times less likely to be broken into. Security cameras provide peace of mind through convenience, deterrence and evidence. There’s the convenience of seeing what’s happening on your phone live from anywhere, there’s deterrence by preventing unwanted activity from happening when you can’t be there, and evidence by providing a video recording in the event that something unwanted does happen.

  • What sorts of security systems are there?

    Swann offers a complete line-up including Wireless Battery Security Cameras, Powered Wi-Fi Security Cameras, Wired Home Security Systems and Business Security Systems. There are other sub-categories of security products within these categories including Video Doorbells, Alarms and Lighting, Solar Powered, Cables and Accessories, and more.

  • How do security camera systems differ?

    Wired NVR systems are hardwired into the home, transmitting video and audio signals from the cameras to the recorder through Ethernet cables, with power to the cameras via PoE. NVR systems are typically more feature-rich than DVRs with digital video from, and more of the video processing occurring in, the cameras than the NVR.

    Wired DVR systems are similar to Wired NVR systems except that the video signal is transmitted via Co-Axial cables and each camera needs to directly connect to a power socket. Additionally, more of the processing, including converting analog video from the cameras into a digital signal, is carried out by the DVR instead of within the cameras in an NVR system.

    Powered Wi-Fi systems transmit signals through the home’s Wi-Fi network instead of using Ethernet cables, but the cameras still need to be plugged into a power source.

    Wireless or Wire-free systems also transmit signals through the home’s Wi-Fi, but use rechargeable battery-powered cameras that don’t need to maintain a connection to a power source.

  • What’s the right security system for my home?

    To determine what’s right for you you need to decide how many points need protecting at your home. Consider: the front and back doors, front and back yards, is there a side entrance, do you need an extra camera where near where your car is parked, do you need any indoor cameras, where are you most vulnerable? If the camera count is above 4 it’s likely a wired system could be the best option. If you think you need 4 or less cameras consider wireless battery cameras (easiest to setup but require re-charging, require strong Wi-Fi and record clips, typically 15-60 seconds long), powered wi-fi cameras (second easiest to setup but cameras need to connect to a power socket, require strong Wi-Fi and record clips, typically 15-60 seconds long) or a wired system (takes longer to setup including running the cables from the cameras back to a recorder that’s connected to your internet router via Ethernet cable, but don’t rely on Wi-Fi to transmit video, clips can be any length). For renters, apartments and/or people expecting to move in the next year or so, wireless battery cameras or powered wi-fi cameras are usually the preferred option. Once you determine the type of cameras that best suit you, you can always add other security products like a Video Doorbell, Alarm Sensors, Security Lighting and more, and be alerted, view and control everything on the free Swann Security app.

  • What’s the right system for business?

    Swann recommends multi-camera wired NVR systems, as these have many additional features that businesses will find valuable, such as smart analytics to be alerted to important activity, such as perimeter intrusion, face recognition, heat mapping, line crossing, vehicle detection and more. The high definition, usually 4K or 6K, image quality of IP NVR surveillance technology allows businesses to see amazing detail live but also to zoom in for close-ups when streaming or when playing back recorded footage. Other product types, such as Powered Wi-Fi Systems and Alarm Systems, can compliment wired NVR systems, for complete security at a business.

  • What internet speed will I need to have at my home or business?

    Swann recommends a high-speed broadband network at your premises with Wi-Fi enabled and upload speeds of at least 2Mbps.

  • Will I have to pay ongoing fees?

    No. Unlike most other security brands, with Swann all the products work out of the box and key features like video recording are free. There is an option to add other features, such as longer recording in the cloud and 3 year extended warranty, by becoming a member but those services are optional, not mandatory.

  • Why should I choose Swann?

    Swann has a proven track record since 1987 of producing high quality yet value for money security camera systems that make the latest surveillance technology accessible to everyday home and business users. Swann is keeping over 5 million premises safe and offers a complete line-up of easy to install security solutions, from wireless cameras and doorbells all the way through to 6K multi-camera wired surveillance systems, and Wi-Fi alarm sensor systems. Everything is viewable and controllable using the free Swann Security app. It’s security made smarter and fee free.